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Is Facebook reach real-time?

Socialbakers made a quick survey analyzing 1000 Facebook Pages in when the reach of posts where made. And the results showed the Facebook is working pretty much real-time. 50 % of post reach were made in 30 minutes. Visit¬†Socialbakers to see the case.  

Second screen shopping coming up

There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the concept of working with the second screen. This is awesome – and amazing that this is now a reality. Eight years ago when I was working at Carat as Media Innovation Manager we talked a lot about the potential in mixing television with other media as … Continue reading

Vivienne Westwood against the abuse of women

Creating campaigns for a better world do not always leave us with the greatest budgets. But often this inspire us to think and create something innovative. But often it demands collaborations and a high level of creative thoughts. It is quite interesting that is is often when we see the most creative result and where … Continue reading

Toolbox of free research

I stumbled over this great presentation on slideshare offering a great, structured and commented toolbox of free digital research. You need to tweet or share the link to get the full presentation, but it is worth it. Digital Strategy Toolbox – the best 17 free insight tools on the internet They use Holiday in as … Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is introducing Graph Search. Looks quite interesting. Sign up for beta trial waiting list here.

Great use of media by McDonald’s and Leo Burnett

Advertising blogs often publish lists of great outdoor. Outdoor is indeed a great medium for showcasing creativity due to the simplicity and possibilities in creating at great combination of media usage and message/content adding to the holistic creative output. But many of these show the same executions and it is rare to find new ones. … Continue reading

Why do individualists buy the same things?

In the human struggle to define an individual identity we are always confronted with the friction between individualism and the basic fact that the human being is a social animal. In a lecture on Danskernes Akademi (The Danes’ Academy) on DR2 from 2010 the professor of Formal Philosophy¬†Vincent Hendricks talks about why an increasingly individualistic … Continue reading

Consumer trends after the crisis

Even though this TED Talk by the brand strategist John Gerzema is from 2009 it is still highly relevant. We have still not seen the final impact of the financial crisis on consumerism. In a speedy, but inspiring TEDx Talk, he gives his take on four consumer trends being a consequence of the crisis. Four … Continue reading

Students creating better education for themselves

I am very proud to be Patron of SAMS, the Danish Student Organization of Media and Communication Students in Denmark. I am proud to have been chosen. But I am even more proud of the students driving this amazing initiative – well organized, successful and innovative – all by themselves. And in the light of … Continue reading

Why tell it when you can show it

I can almost see the brief: The new Sony Xperia is waterproof. We want to tell people that it is really true. You could make so many different executions on this – and people would still not really believe that it is truly waterproof. At least not all of us who had “waterproof” watches in … Continue reading