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Students creating better education for themselves

I am very proud to be Patron of SAMS, the Danish Student Organization of Media and Communication Students in Denmark. I am proud to have been chosen. But I am even more proud of the students driving this amazing initiative – well organized, successful and innovative – all by themselves. And in the light of … Continue reading

How a bad day gets better

Just need to introduce two of my favorite “This is not really a good day, but I need to be in a good mood for the next meeting”-tools. Say hello to Tiny Art Director and Indexed. Indexed: witty, clever and insightful blog with small office-style drawing of… anything. Modern office philosophy. http://thisisindexed.com And next, The … Continue reading

Moodfilm as lookbook for Han Kjøbenhavn

Describing the new, and third, film from Han Kjøbenhavn as an interactive lookbook is perhaps setting the wrong scene, due to the fact that it is not interactive at all. But framing the approach as a short film or a mood film is actually accurate. In a category unfortunately a bit conventional on the big … Continue reading

Just another great speech from Brené Brown on vulnerability

Brené Brown: Listening to shame And here’s the original vulnerability speech which made her famous. Admitting publicly that she had a breakdown during her research. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability (Credits to TED.com for all of it)

Project Re:Brief by Google

This exciting project by Googles takes some of the worlds most iconic ads into a new world of technology. Really exciting both to see the ads and hear the grand old men (and woman) of advertising explain their ideas and see them react to the new possibilities technology adds as a whole new layer to … Continue reading

The big idea or the big ideal?

Making communication relevant must be one of the biggest challenges in creating effective communication   today. But what is relevance? Is it to be entertaining, educating, delivering value or services to the recipients? Either one it is important to discuss why the consumers should bother giving us their time and money. Working with brand planning … Continue reading

The role of self-efficacy in creative solutions

There is a concept in communication theory which gets too little attention when we plan campaigns. It is the concept of self-efficacy. Closely related to empowerment, but still different. I first met the concept while studying the 13 steps of the communication process outlined by McGuire, where the step of self-efficacy was analyzed as an … Continue reading

Super Bowl 2012. Ads without concepts.

It is true, that the SuperBowl is not only one of the biggest sports events in the media, but also the framing for the unofficial television advertising World Cup. But how is creativity and production value holding up in the outskirts of the economic crisis? Is this the place to give it all you’ve got? … Continue reading

Invest where it provides value for the consumers

David Edelman, McKinsey, held a speech in New York in November on the challenges for the new consumer journey. Barry Silverstein has written a very good, short summary. Here’s the short summary on key tasks in the new Consumer Decision Journey. Align – Marketing organizations will need to align their resources with “where consumers spend their … Continue reading

Create games to adjust the behavior of men

Just saw this great case on the Guardian, where the british company Captive Media has developed a technology to transform the urinal to a true gaming zone. You can actually afterwards post your results to twitter or Facebook. Captive Media has based this on an insight into how difficult is is for brands to gain … Continue reading