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Twitter and Pepsi case

It is quite rare to see campaign cases from twitter, so I just want to share this one. Though I guess the Beyonce endorsement and real benefits contributed a lot to the results.

Is Facebook reach real-time?

Socialbakers made a quick survey analyzing 1000 Facebook Pages in when the reach of posts where made. And the results showed the Facebook is working pretty much real-time. 50 % of post reach were made in 30 minutes. Visit┬áSocialbakers to see the case.  

Google + Audi

Interesting collaboration between Google Maps and Audi – and a pretty neat video.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is introducing Graph Search. Looks quite interesting. Sign up for beta trial waiting list here.

Great use of media by McDonald’s and Leo Burnett

Advertising blogs often publish lists of great outdoor. Outdoor is indeed a great medium for showcasing creativity due to the simplicity and possibilities in creating at great combination of media usage and message/content adding to the holistic creative output. But many of these show the same executions and it is rare to find new ones. … Continue reading

Brilliant use of contextual advertising

We spend a lot of time working on how to strengthen the connection between idea, message, media and situation. To create the right connection where attention is caught in the right situation, combined with a clear message that is easy to decode, is hard work. It is often a struggle where either of the elements … Continue reading

Facebook makes it easier for businesses to encourage check-ins

How can we make the customers check-in on Facebook at our venues, stores or activities? In an era with focus on NPS we struggle to find the key to make the consumer talk about our brand. Many brands struggle with the conflict that, even the consumers that are positive about “would recommend to others” in … Continue reading

Why tell it when you can show it

I can almost see the brief: The new Sony Xperia is waterproof. We want to tell people that it is really true. You could make so many different executions on this – and people would still not really believe that it is truly waterproof. At least not all of us who had “waterproof” watches in … Continue reading

Re-post: The lost Alternate Reality Game (Oct 2008)

Everyboby is talking about ARG’s these days, and it is pretty interesting following how these get more sofisticated and challenging. But there is one, which I haven’t seen or heard about in Denmark at all, and given the complexity and quality of the content I was wondering why nobody’s been talking about it here. The … Continue reading

Why another planning blog?

This will be short. I don’t think the world needs another planning blog. But I need it. On the 28th of august 2006 I started blogging for the first time on “In search of media innovation”, and shortly after continued on “Channel 8000 – unleash curiosity planning” which where alive and kicking until the summer … Continue reading