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Why do individualists buy the same things?

In the human struggle to define an individual identity we are always confronted with the friction between individualism and the basic fact that the human being is a social animal. In a lecture on Danskernes Akademi (The Danes’ Academy) on DR2 from 2010 the professor of Formal Philosophy Vincent Hendricks talks about why an increasingly individualistic … Continue reading

Consumer trends after the crisis

Even though this TED Talk by the brand strategist John Gerzema is from 2009 it is still highly relevant. We have still not seen the final impact of the financial crisis on consumerism. In a speedy, but inspiring TEDx Talk, he gives his take on four consumer trends being a consequence of the crisis. Four … Continue reading

Students creating better education for themselves

I am very proud to be Patron of SAMS, the Danish Student Organization of Media and Communication Students in Denmark. I am proud to have been chosen. But I am even more proud of the students driving this amazing initiative – well organized, successful and innovative – all by themselves. And in the light of … Continue reading

Just another great speech from Brené Brown on vulnerability

Brené Brown: Listening to shame And here’s the original vulnerability speech which made her famous. Admitting publicly that she had a breakdown during her research. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability (Credits to TED.com for all of it)

The role of self-efficacy in creative solutions

There is a concept in communication theory which gets too little attention when we plan campaigns. It is the concept of self-efficacy. Closely related to empowerment, but still different. I first met the concept while studying the 13 steps of the communication process outlined by McGuire, where the step of self-efficacy was analyzed as an … Continue reading

Invest where it provides value for the consumers

David Edelman, McKinsey, held a speech in New York in November on the challenges for the new consumer journey. Barry Silverstein has written a very good, short summary. Here’s the short summary on key tasks in the new Consumer Decision Journey. Align – Marketing organizations will need to align their resources with “where consumers spend their … Continue reading

Create games to adjust the behavior of men

Just saw this great case on the Guardian, where the british company Captive Media has developed a technology to transform the urinal to a true gaming zone. You can actually afterwards post your results to twitter or Facebook. Captive Media has based this on an insight into how difficult is is for brands to gain … Continue reading

What are we really afraid of?

When looking at re-posts earlier today I fell over a post from four years ago talking about behavioral targeting. People were very concerned about web companies gaining access to personal data. That raised the discussion on the benefits and risks of the web being personal. Four years after it seems as the discussion is almost … Continue reading

Re-post: Behavioral targeting (Dec 2007)

I just lost my early morning following blog threads on discussion on behavioral targeting and the pro’s and con’s on this issue. The nice Erin wrote a post on creating fansumers where she started a discussion on this issue, linking back to Interactive marketing trends. I’m not totally settled on my attitude towards behavioral targeting, but it is … Continue reading

Re-post: A Day in the life of a YMC in Seoul (June 2008)

Working exclusively with the target group young people, mobile phones are an inevitable part of the media landscape. However, unlike what many believe, Danish youths are not that mobile-tech-savvy. This was indeed proven by the Cheil Worldwide seminar I attended on wednesday, along with Pernille and Lisa. Cheil Worldwide has made an interactive exploration of marketing technology among the YMCs … Continue reading