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Game of Cones on Foursquare

HBO launched this campaign based on check-ins on Foursquare. It is a bit lame and tapping a bit too much into the Game of Thrones popularity. But anyway, I love ice cream and I love Game of Thrones. So why the hell not. And though the competition has just ended you can still use the … Continue reading

Twitter and Pepsi case

It is quite rare to see campaign cases from twitter, so I just want to share this one. Though I guess the Beyonce endorsement and real benefits contributed a lot to the results.

Second screen shopping coming up

There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the concept of working with the second screen. This is awesome – and amazing that this is now a reality. Eight years ago when I was working at Carat as Media Innovation Manager we talked a lot about the potential in mixing television with other media as … Continue reading

Hello digital wizards – 50 FWA anniversary

The talented crew at Hello Monday won their 50th FWA for theĀ www.dieselblackgold.com site. A milestone for both Hello Monday and the danish digital industry which is (or should be) proud to have these people among us. Here’s the new site – see full creds on the FWA website They made this little film on Vimeo … Continue reading

Toolbox of free research

I stumbled over this great presentation on slideshare offering a great, structured and commented toolbox of free digital research. You need to tweet or share the link to get the full presentation, but it is worth it. Digital Strategy Toolbox – the best 17 free insight tools on the internet They use Holiday in as … Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is introducing Graph Search. Looks quite interesting. Sign up for beta trial waiting list here.

Got balls?

A boy band releasing a single and an interactive Youtube experience as commercial for an italian toilet bowl cleaner? To create surprising adverts can be interpreted in many ways. This one is surprising indeed. Or at least I haven’t seen the connection between chippendale-hot-boy-band-interactive-music-video and toilet cleansing before. Would love to see the creative argumentation. … Continue reading

Why tell it when you can show it

I can almost see the brief: The new Sony Xperia is waterproof. We want to tell people that it is really true. You could make so many different executions on this – and people would still not really believe that it is truly waterproof. At least not all of us who had “waterproof” watches in … Continue reading

The power of disguise

Not much to say on this. Just love it. Kyrie Irving dressed as Uncle Drew is kicking ass at a local basketball court. A lot of debate going around on if it is true or fake? Either way, the idea and execution is demanding attention. 5 bio + views on Youtube.

Project Re:Brief by Google

This exciting project by Googles takes some of the worlds most iconic ads into a new world of technology. Really exciting both to see the ads and hear the grand old men (and woman) of advertising explain their ideas and see them react to the new possibilities technology adds as a whole new layer to … Continue reading