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Game of Cones on Foursquare

HBO launched this campaign based on check-ins on Foursquare. It is a bit lame and tapping a bit too much into the Game of Thrones popularity. But anyway, I love ice cream and I love Game of Thrones. So why the hell not. And though the competition has just ended you can still use the … Continue reading

Consumer trends after the crisis

Even though this TED Talk by the brand strategist John Gerzema is from 2009 it is still highly relevant. We have still not seen the final impact of the financial crisis on consumerism. In a speedy, but inspiring TEDx Talk, he gives his take on four consumer trends being a consequence of the crisis. Four … Continue reading

Facebook makes it easier for businesses to encourage check-ins

How can we make the customers check-in on Facebook at our venues, stores or activities? In an era with focus on NPS we struggle to find the key to make the consumer talk about our brand. Many brands struggle with the conflict that, even the consumers that are positive about “would recommend to others” in … Continue reading

Moodfilm as lookbook for Han Kjøbenhavn

Describing the new, and third, film from Han Kjøbenhavn as an interactive lookbook is perhaps setting the wrong scene, due to the fact that it is not interactive at all. But framing the approach as a short film or a mood film is actually accurate. In a category unfortunately a bit conventional on the big … Continue reading

F.C. Barcelona and the sponsorship mix-up?

Being patron of the SAMS-association I have the pleasure of being invited to write a column to their magazine SAMSON. This is a great honour. SAMSON is a publication with great content and big ambitions. This editions theme was Media and Sports as prequel to this summer’s many sport events. I chose to write a … Continue reading