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Why another planning blog?

This will be short.

I don’t think the world needs another planning blog. But I need it.

On the 28th of august 2006 I started blogging for the first time on “In search of media innovation”, and shortly after continued on “Channel 8000 – unleash curiosity planning” which where alive and kicking until the summer of 2010, where I ended up having other priorities. I wrote a book, got married, moved to Copenhagen and got a new job. So little time left to actually keep up the blogging. And as unique and rare the blogging activity seemed back in 2006 – as mainstream it was in 2010. So when the sharing aspect of the activity was down to a minimum, I lacked the sense of urgency and I left the scene.

Then why the f%€#ck relaunch a new blog?

Sometimes you don’t know the true value of stuff before you lost it. I thought I blogged to share – but know now that the true effect was reflection and to remember interesting thing I find on my way. I’ve seen through the last year that my brain really misses writing – not really to share, but to have a reason to prioritize reflection and log the cool things I stumble upon.

So I blog to reflect and remember. Not so much to please and share. But if anyone finds it interesting and wants to discuss, challenge or comment, it will be my pleasure.



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